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These days you can almost buy anything online, but I’m still not sure how I feel about more and more boutiques offering wedding dresses for sale online… it’s such an important purchase something that can make or break your day, I’m not sure I would buy a wedding dress online myself, yet more and more people are doing it.

It’s not just the basic entry level dresses people are buying online either, there are more and more designer wedding dress designers creating eboutiques and offering their creations for sale online. These are dresses worth over 10,000 dollars we’re talking about, purchased online and shipped via DHL to your door.

I can understand if you go physically shopping somewhere, try a few gowns on and find one you like, then buy it online for cheaper than the store price – I do this with heaps of my purchases. But I’m not sure I could go straight to online.

Anyways, rant over – if you are looking to buy a dress online here are some of my tips:

Know what you want:

If you know exactly what you want in terms of style or you’ve seen gowns by a particular designer in person before then this makes shopping online easier.

Check the size chat:

Most online stores will include a size chart to help you make sure the dress is going to fit. This is never going to be as good as getting something fitted in person it’s as accurate as you can get not in person.

Check the colour:

Often colours can look a little bit different depending on what type of screen you’re looking on, but some retailers will send out a colour card so you can physically see the exact colour it will look like.

Check the terms…

God forbid the dress turns up and is terrible, or not what you wanted – what are your options. Check whether you can return for a refund or only store credit. Who has to pay shipping for the return? You need to know all these things before buying.







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